Castling Details

Details from the “Castling – Hradovanie – Váralás” exhibition currently on view in the Fiľakovo Castle Museum, Slovakia until 13 September 2013. A partial panoramic view of the Castling exhibition. Photo by Ottó Bolyós. What might the visual folklore of people who find themselves between multiple cultures (such as immigrants of mixed ethnic and cultural … Continue reading Castling Details

Castling Animation Preview

(Photograph © Zoltán Schnelszer.) This is a 2-minute preview of a 12-minute animation that will be projected in the “Castling – Hradovanie – Váralás” exhibition space alongside drawings and artefacts. The “Castling” animation is a visual poem constructed out of drawings that incorporate elements of Saskatoon’s cityscape. The poem builds on the roots of the … Continue reading Castling Animation Preview