Castling Opening

Some photos from the opening of the “Castling – Hradovanie – Váralás” exhibition in the Fiľakovo Castle Museum, Slovakia on 18 May 2013. The show is on view until 13 September 2013.

Bebek Tower, Fiľakovo Castle Museum

Bebek Tower, Fiľakovo Castle Museum.

The exhibition is located on the 5th floor (surrounded by the balcony) of the Bebek Tower.

Photo by Tammy Lu.

Visitors arriving to Fiľakovo Castle on Night of Museums

Visitors arriving.

Visitors climb the castle hill to reach the Bebek Tower for the Night of Museums event. Over 1200 people attended.

Photo by József Puntigán.

Introducing Castling

Introducing Castling.

Introducing myself and the show on the stage behind the Bebek Tower, with the help of my Hungarian and Slovak translators.

Photo by Zoltán Schnelczer.

The opening continues in the exhibition space.

The opening continues in the exhibition space.

The 5th floor of the Bebek Tower.

Photo by Marián Mesiarik.

In front of the projection.

In front of the projected animation.

Giving an artist’s talk and guided tour of the exhibition.

Photo by Marián Mesiarik.

Viewing "Heart Rockets".

Viewing “Heart Rockets”.

Digital print on canvas (185 x 150 cm).

Photo by Michal Oravec.

An Interview with TV LocAll.

Interview with TV LocAll.

Speaking to local television.

Photo by Michal Oravec.

On TV LocAll.

On TV LocAll.

Screenshot of my television interview on TV LocAll.

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This project is supported by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Town of Fiľakovo, Fiľakovo Castle Museum, Escape Studios, London (UK), and Pro-Touch Engraving.