Invitation to Castle

You are cordially invited to the opening of my new show, “Castling – Hradovanie – Váralás,” at 7pm on 18 May 2013 in the medieval castle of Fiľakovo (Hungarian: Fülek) in Slovakia. The opening is part of this year’s Night of Museums programme, a Europe-wide event organised under the aegis of the European Council and UNESCO.

It is a multimedia art exhibition comprised of drawings, textiles and digital animation. Building on the symbolism of castles, the show offers a visual language for interpreting the themes of migration, cultural diversity and identity. It is the exploration of the personal experience of a multi-cultural migrant in the context of historical ties between Canada and Central Europe.

I have used elements of the urban landscape of my hometown, Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada) to construct images, patterns, and text. The technique involves translations, transformations and distortions – like the immigrant experience itself.

The ”Castling – Hradovanie – Váralás” exhibition can be visited on the 5th floor of the Bebek Tower of the Fiľakovo Castle Museum from 18 May to 13 September 2013.

Fiľakovo Castle is in the centre of the town of Fiľakovo, which is a 3-hour drive from Bratislava (Slovakia) or a 2-hour drive from Budapest (Hungary).

(To see a live webcam of Fiľakovo Castle, click on the Town of Fiľakovo website, scroll down to reveal the webcam feed in the bottom left corner, then click “Toggle fullscreen.”)


This project is supported by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Town of Fiľakovo, Fiľakovo Castle Museum, Escape Studios, London (UK), and Pro-Touch Engraving.