untitled 20

Untitled Pencil and gouache on paper 30cm x 30cm © 2010 Tammy Lu “Instead of the vertical abyss between words and world, above which the perilous footbridge of correspondence would hang, we now have a sturdy and thick layering of transverse paths through which masses of transformations circulate. (…) ‘It refers to something there’ indicates … Continue reading untitled 20

untitled 17

For Speculations: The Journal of Object Oriented Philosophy. Thank you to Paul John Ennis for adopting this image. Untitled Pencil and gouache on paper 16cm x 27cm © 2009 Tammy Lu ”When it comes to the ‘vertical’ relation between real objects and their accessibility to others, the real object is always something more than the  … Continue reading untitled 17

untitled 9

Untitled (detail) Pencil on paper 46cm x 42cm © 2008 Tammy Lu “A well-defined state of affairs is the work of many forces. They agree about nothing and associate only via long networks in which they talk endlessly without being able to sum one another up. They intermingle, but they cannot reach outside themselves to … Continue reading untitled 9