untitled 14

Untitled (detail) Pencil on paper 42cm x 30cm © 2009 Tammy Lu “It would probably not be wrong to define the extreme phase of capitalist development in which we live as a massive accumulation and proliferation of apparatuses. It is clear that ever since Homo sapiens first appeared, there have been apparatuses; but we could … Continue reading untitled 14

untitled 13

Untitled (detail) Pencil on paper 50cm x 65cm © 2009 Tammy Lu “All that had happened was merely a phenomenon from the realm of vital systems. Clothes, when abstracted from the flow of present time and their transmogrifying function on the human body, and seen as forms in themselves, are strange tubes and excrescences worthy … Continue reading untitled 13

untitled 12

Untitled (detail) Pencil on paper 30cm x 30cm © 2009 Tammy Lu “The ‘atmosphere’ (…) designates this gaseous layer that envelops solid Earth and that makes us all ‘students of the air’ (…). (…) [W]hat we share with all other living beings is the destiny of being nurtured on air. Air is the absolute teacher … Continue reading untitled 12


For the front cover of Taylor Adkins’s translation of François Laruelle’s Dictionary of Non-Philosophy [PDF]. Thank you to Nick Srnicek, Ben Woodard, and Taylor Adkins of Speculative Heresy for creating this publication and adopting my design. Untitled (details) Pencil on paper 50cm x 65cm © 2009 Tammy Lu Thank you to Paul Roberts for his … Continue reading Variations

untitled 9

Untitled (detail) Pencil on paper 46cm x 42cm © 2008 Tammy Lu “A well-defined state of affairs is the work of many forces. They agree about nothing and associate only via long networks in which they talk endlessly without being able to sum one another up. They intermingle, but they cannot reach outside themselves to … Continue reading untitled 9

untitled 8

Untitled (detail) Pencil on paper 30cm x 30cm © 2009 Tammy Lu “We neither think nor reason. Rather,  we work on fragile materials – texts, inscriptions, traces, or paints – with other people. These materials are associated or dissociated by courage and effort; they have no meaning, value, or coherence outside the narrow network that … Continue reading untitled 8