Grain HITS

Here’s a preview of the cover drawings for the forthcoming issue of Grain magazine, Hits, coming out mid-April. More drawings will feature throughout the interior of the journal. “Grain, the journal of eclectic writing, is a literary quarterly that publishes engaging, diverse, and challenging writing and art by some of the best Canadian and international … Continue reading Grain HITS

The Democracy of Objects by Levi Bryant

Book cover for The Democracy of Objects by Levi Bryant Illustration by Tammy Lu, cover design by Katherine Gillieson Pencil on paper 65cm x 50cm “Onticology proposes a flat ontology where objects of all sorts and at different scales equally exist without being reducible to other objects and where there are no transcendent entities such … Continue reading The Democracy of Objects by Levi Bryant


For the front cover of Taylor Adkins’s translation of François Laruelle’s Dictionary of Non-Philosophy [PDF]. Thank you to Nick Srnicek, Ben Woodard, and Taylor Adkins of Speculative Heresy for creating this publication and adopting my design. Untitled (details) Pencil on paper 50cm x 65cm © 2009 Tammy Lu Thank you to Paul Roberts for his … Continue reading Variations